Beaveralu Panel

  1. Light and strong aluminum panels -They last long without corrosion.
  2. Aluminum panels by Beaver are manufactured from high-tech aluminum alloys and ensure semi-permanent life cycle with ultra lightweight and high durability free from corrosion.

Characteristics of BEAVERALU Panels

  • Excellent Energy Conservation Effects
    You can save cost for subsidiary materials by using roof panels of ultra light aluminum alloys. Weight lightening makes it easy for installation and saves cost.
  • Light and Firm
    Aluminum panels which have lower specific gravity than steels down to 1/3 are light, cost-effective and comparatively long lasting. It is an eco-friendly panel system which has excellent advantages in safety, durability, adequacy and maintenance. You don’t need ongoing maintenance works as they are free from corrosion.
  • Economical Efficiency
    They last almost permanently with high durability and fouling resistant functions. You can maintain fine views with these recyclable and eco-friendly construction materials.

Texture and color of Beaveralu Panel surface


Price comparison based on life cycle


Weight comparison for sandwich panels

Classification Usage(GI 0.5T) Surface Material(100T) Characteristic(GI 0.5T) Total weight
Steel Panel EPS 4.904 1.392 4.904 11.2kg
Urethane 4.904 4.292 4.904 14.1kg
Glass Wool(64K) 4.904 6.192 4.904 16.0kg
AL. Panel EPS 1.632 1.392 1.316 4.31kg
Urethane 1.632 4.292 1.316 7.24kg
Glass Wool(64K) 1.632 6.192 1.316 9.14kg