E.P.S Panel

  1. EPS panels from Beaver are devoid of any harmful chemicals, making them environmentally safe, and are extremely durable as a consequence of its exceptional flexural strength and compressive strength.
  2. EPS Panels, a flame retardant panel, in addition to being capable of being used in the same areas as the existing EPS panels, as a consequence of its exceptional flame retardant properties can prevent various fire accidents.
  3. Flame retardant EPS, with a special structural characteristic as a consequence of being manufactured using forms, each form consisting of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and fire resistant skin, resulting in skin-core structure, is a high performance industrial material as a consequence of being provided with superior strength and durability. Flame retardant EPS panel from Beaver, in addition to being capable of being used in the same areas as the existing EPS panels, as a consequence of its exceptional flame retardant properties, can be used as an insulating material, because of its exceptional insulating properties, reducing the energy consumption, making it an economical panel.

Features of Non Flammable E.P.S Panel

  • Excellent Energy Conservation Effects
    Over 30% of energy can be saved, for it has 21.5 times greater insulation effects when compared to red bricks.
  • Perfect Waterproof and Moisture-proof Capacity
    Moisture absorption level of EPS is near zero, and the all joints maintain the airtight property, thus perfect waterproof and moisture-proof effects are possible.
  • Light and Firm
    Compared toother material, EPS panel is very light. However, it can be used to build simple structures due to its solidity.
  • Economical Efficiency
    This product satisfies both economical and durable needs.

Incombustibility Test Result

Test item Standard Result Judge
1 2 3
Incombustible material Heat emission rate Total emission calorie(MJ/m2) Less than 8 MJ/m2 0.3 1.0 1.4 Suitable
Period of time during which the heat emission rate exceeds 200kw/m2 continuously Less than 10s 0 0 0
Crack or hole penetrating the test body (or core), which may make it vulnerable to fire None None None None
gas harmfulness test Action-stop time (Min : Sec) More than 9min 14:48 14:44

Name of test body: Urethane panel 75T / Composition of test body: Galvanized steel sheet (0.5mm) + EPS + Galvanized steel sheet (0.4mm) / Test laboratory: Korea Institute of Construction Materials

Panel Material & specification

Description Specification
Top Skin material 0.45 ~ 0.8mm Pre-painted Galvanized Steel sheet (polyester coating or PVDF)
Core material EPS, Non-flammable EPS
Density : 10~16 kg/m3
Bottom Skin material 0.45~ 0.8 mm Pre-painted Galvanized Steel sheet
Effective Width 1000
Length Any transportable length
Thickness 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250