Metal Panel


It is a Wall panel that makes beautiful exterior of buildings with excellent flatness and neatly finished corners.
PIR has superior flame resistant qualities and does not expand or contract with heat.
The surface is made of galvanized steel sheets of at least 0.8mm, making it exceptionally flatand solid. Because extruded gasket is used in place of silicone sealant at the joints, the panels can be used in office buildings, cultural facilities, gymnasiums, laboratories, or memorial halls.

Metal Panel Type

Metal Panel-FL


Metal Panel-MW


Features of Metal Panel

Large Size Flat TypImprovement of installation and reduction of construction period with their large size got from continuous manufacturing
Clean Corner FinishingSuperior flatness and neat corner finishing for beautiful building exterior.
Extremely Low Thermal ConductivityExcellent insulation with low thermal conductivity of 0.019 ~ 0.023 W/m2·K
Various Finishing MaterialsThe surface material has variety of metal skins, such as galvanized iron sheet metal, stainless or aluminum.

Panel Material & specification

Description Specification
Top Skin material 0.45 ~ 0.8 mm Pre-painted Galvanized Steel sheet (polyester coating or PVDF)0.5mm Aluminum / Stainless Steel
Core material PUR foam or PIR foam
Bottom Skin material 0.45 ~ 0.8 mm Pre-painted Galvanized Steel sheet
Effective Width(mm) 1000
Length 2000 ~ 6000
Thickness 50, 60, 75, 100