Polyurethane Panel

  1. PIR Panel, manufactured using the latest production equipments/technology, has an excellent fire resistance and flame retardant properties, chemical resistance and very low thermal deformation, especially at high temperatures, and during fire, produces less toxic gases, making it especially suitable against fire.
  2. Original solution of PUR or PIR (as core material) is injected, pressed and hardened between Pre-painted galvanized steel sheets (skin material).
  3. PIR has superior flame resistant qualities and does not expand or contract with heat.
  4. Since its inception, Beaver, an eco-friendly company, has been focusing its business in prefabricated construction and on creating new construction culture, and it can boast that it produces the highest quality urethane panels.



Definition of PUR (Polyurethane)

An acronym of polyurethane, PUR is a high molecular urethane (-NHCOO) created from the combination of isocyanate and polyol.



Definition of PIR (Polyisocyanurate)

An acronym of Polisocyanurate, it is a high molecular matter created after PUR reaction containing a large amount of isocyanurate.

Section of Precoated Steel Sheet


Standard Color


Features of Polyurethane panel

  • Fire resistancPIR PANEL was certified as Nonflammable Grade 2 and it makes you free fire.
  • High StabilityPIR PANEL has no shrinkage and swelling at low temperature owing to high stability and it has been used for the structure of freezing and cold storage with high performance
  • Efficient Heat Insulation0.019~0.020 W/m·k of heat conductivity and uniformed cell structure can maintain the efficient insulation and defrosting effect of polyurethan panel.
  • High level of solidityUrethane panel has strong strength of self- supporting structure and there are as one of complete panel.

Incombustibility Test Result

Test item Standard Result Judge
1 2 3
Incombustible material Heat emission rate Total emission calorie(MJ/m2) Less than 8 MJ/m2 0.3 1.0 1.4 Suitable
Period of time during which the heat emission rate exceeds 200kw/m2 continuously Less than 10s 0 0 0
Crack or hole penetrating the test body (or core), which may make it vulnerable to fire None None None None
gas harmfulness test Action-stop time (Min : Sec) More than 9min 14:48 14:44

Name of test body: Urethane panel 75T / Composition of test body: Galvanized steel sheet (0.5mm) + Urethane foam (PIR foam 48K) + Galvanized steel sheet (0.5mm) / Test laboratory: Korea Institute of Construction Materials

Panel Material & specification

Description Specification
Top Skin material 0.45 ~ 0.8 mm Pre-painted Galvanized Steel sheet (polyester coating or PVDF)0.5mm Alumax Stainless Steel
Core material Polyurethane foam (PUR), Polyisocyanurate foam (PIR)
Density : 35 kg/㎥(PUR), 40 kg/㎥(PIR)
Thermal conduction rate: 0.018 W/m·k(at 20±5°C)
Bottom Skin material 0.45 ~ 0.8 mm Pre-painted Galvanized Steel sheet
Effective Width(mm) 1000
Length Any transportable length
Thickness Wall 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 / Roof 50, 75, 100, 125, 150