Beaversten Panel


Used : Clean Room, HACP
Beaver Metal Panel Stainless Type

  1. Passive Film on Sheet Surface – It protects the unchanged beauty with elegance and sophistication.
  2. Stainless sheets have corrosion proof passive films on their surfaces and therefore ensure rust free and long life cycle, and beautiful and elegant constructions.
  3. Stainless steels are alloy steels in which iron (Fe) is primarily mixed with chromium (Cr/usually contained more than 12%) and includes carbon (C), nickel (Ni), silicon (Si), manganese (Mn) and molybdenum (Mo) to prevent corrosion.

Characteristics of Stainless Panels

  • Outstanding high solidity
    Stainless panels have steels as their core components but have great advantages over common steels including fine surfaces, anti-corrosion, heat resistance and anti-shock features. In addition,
  • Sophisticated and fine appearance
    Their fine and clean surfaces makes them very popular for sophisticated building exteriors and clean rooms or other food contact on-sites which require anti-corrosion features.
  • Various textures of the surfaces
    the authentic quality of stainless, makes the life-time of the panel longer and variety of surface textures add a touch of exclusiveness

Anti-corrosive feature of stainless steels

The passive films on surfaces
are naturally generated.


As the films are damaged and the surfaces are open to the air.


The damaged chromic oxide layer is immediately restored.


Mimetic Diagram of Passive Film Generation

Stainless Steel

  • The films are very thin and dense and therefore external oxygen hardly penetrates.
  • Corrosion can hardly occur in normal atmosphere.

Carbon Steels

  • The films are thick and porous → external oxygen easily penetrates.
  • Carbon steels are vulnerable to corrosion in normal atmosphere.

Characteristic comparison between stainless steels and carbon steel

Definition of Stainless Steels

“Anti-corrosive alloy steels which contains 10.5 to 12wt % or more of chromium”

  • ISSF : Alloy steels which contains 10.5wt % of chromium as a minimum
  • KS / JIS :
    Type of stainless steels which contains least chromium
    → 410 (11.0~13.5wt%Cr)
    Type of heat resisting steels which contains least chromium
    → 409 (10.5~11.75wt%Cr)

Content and corrosion degree of chromium