Window / Door

  1. As the product has excellent thermal insulation properties, it can minimize energy loss due to outstanding air-tightness and multi-structural design and block noise effectively due to superb closed construction.
  2. Flexibility: As it is excellent in the flexibility of opening and closing, it works without any noise, thus creating an optimum and quite atmosphere.
  3. Excellent air-tightness: As its air-tightness function is excellent, you can operate your heating system very economically. Besides, it is safe against rainstorms as its waterproofing function is excellent, too.

Hanger door


The hanger door is lightweight and operates flexibly. Besides, its soundproof and thermal insulation functions are also excellent. No failure is caused by filth. It is widely used for cold storage warehouses and factory buildings.

Perfect thermal insulation effects

This product provides perfect thermal insulation effects unlike other doors.

Smooth operation

As casters made of special materials are used, its operation is very smooth.

Swing door


As every joint is sealed tightly, air-tightness is preserved and, though it is covered with dust, it can be easily removed. It is mostly used for computer rooms, research centers, and offices.

Excellent corrosion resistance

This product has high-strength rigidity as well as excellent corrosion resistance. You can reduce construction costs by shortening manufacturing processes.

Various uses

With its excellent designs, this product is widely used for commercial buildings, clean rooms, hospitals, and factories.